Resetting passwords in Avast! ADNM Console

Passwords get lost.
It is a simple reality of the security conscious technology driven world we live in.  That and password complexity rules which make differential calculus look simple.

So, imagine our surprise when we lost forgot an administrator password to one of our Avast! Antivirus ADNM console installs.

Fortunately for us, there is a quick and painless solution.

You must have read/write access to the avast database created when you setup your Avast! corporate editions.

How to change a password in Avast!

    1. Make sure the prerequisites are met
    2. Logon to the avast SQL database
    3. Execute the following query

FROM dbo.[User]

    1. Note the ObjectId for the user you wish to reset the password on
    2. Execute the following update query

UPDATE dbo.[User]
SET Password = ‘[Reset Password Goes Here]’
WHERE ObjectId = [ObjectId of User Goes Here]

  1. To re-encrypt the password, set the password via the ADNM console.

Much easier than reinstalling!