Windows Server 2012, WSUS, and error code 80246003

Recently, we introduced several Windows Server 2012 machines into our network environment.  Everything worked like a charm *until* we performed a Windows update.

The Scenario

  1. Hunt around looking for the “Start” hotspot
  2. Click on Control Panel –> System and Security –> Windows Update
  3. Click on Check for updates
  4. A few moments later, we were presented with

Error(s) found: Code 80246003  WIndows update ran into a problem

The Environment

  • A brand spanking new install of Windows Server 2012
  • WSUS Role installed on Windows Server 2008R2
    (WSUS 3.0 SP2)
  • Policy enforced Windows update via WSUS server
  • Plain vanilla network and configuration

— Research Happens Here—

The Solution

1st: Update WSUS Server to support Server 2012 and Windows 8
Download and install KB2734608 onto your WSUS Server.
Follow this link for details and download: 

2nd: Reset Windows Update on your Server 2012 install
On the Windows Server 2012 install, perform the following steps to reset Windows Update:

Step#1: Shut down Windows Update via the following command line command

net stop wuauserv

Step#2: Delete the Software Distribution directory [Yes, the entire directory!]


Step#3: Using regedit, delete the following Windows update registry entry


Step#4: Relaunch Windows Update and check for updates!

5 thoughts on “Windows Server 2012, WSUS, and error code 80246003

  1. Patrick

    Thanks for the information!!! this worked for me on some servers ive been having issues with.

  2. john009

    hey i have also faced the same problem while installation but i solved the problem by the help of this link [broken link]

  3. Steve

    I just had this yesterday. I noticed that a fresh Windows Server 2012 had a network location of Public.
    I ran Windows Update and received the same error.
    I changed the network location to Private. Windows Update then ran as expected.

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