VisualSVN Server and UNC based file shares

At AIS, our source code is our lifeblood (we are a development shop after all).  To maintain our source code repositories, we use VisualSVN as our SVN server due to it simplicity, stability, and integration into Active Directory.

Because our server farm is comprised of edge servers with our file and backup servers nicely tucked in behind those edge servers, we must call upon VisualSVN to access its repository data via a UNC based network share.

So, it came as a  surprise when version 1.7.1 of VisualSVN was released, we were unable to get the service to start.  A quick check of the event viewer showed an error of

VisualSVNServer.exe could not log pid to file C:/FileShare/SVN/

Huh?  That path should be \FileShareSVN

OK… what is up with this.

Well… our memory is what is up.  We forgot a couple of key points:

  1. The service was just reinstalled
    Ah…. it was reinstalled using Network Service as a user.
    Time to change the user to the domain user with the proper rights to the network share.
  2. Verify the httpd.conf file is using *nix notation for the file paths
    \FileShareSVN will appear in the configuration file as //FileShare/SVN/
    If it doesn’t, change it

And suddenly everything works as we are accustom to.


<And there was much rejoicing>