LegacySiteDetected during upgrade to SharePoint 2016

So, you are happily migrating your SharePoint 2013 content database to SharePoint 2016 when the Test-SPContentDatabase command spits out:

Category        : LegacySiteDetected
Error           : True
UpgradeBlocking : True
Message         : 1 site(s) using SharePoint 2010 experience.
Remedy          : Please upgrade sites using SharePoint 2010 experience
                  in database [Your Content Database] to SharePoint 2013
                  experience before proceeding.

Wait a second???  We are migrating from 2013?  How did a SharePoint 2010 experience get in there?

Root Cause
The content database you are migrating to SharePoint 2016 was very likely using the SharePoint 2010 Office Web Apps.

The Fix
Step#1: Locate the offending SharePoint 2010 site

  1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  2. Connect to the offending content database
  3. Execute the following query:

    SELECT als.id, als.PlatformVersion, aw.Title, aw.FullUrl, aw.ProductVersion, als.Deleted
    FROM dbo.AllSites als
         INNER JOIN dbo.AllWebs aw
      ON aw.Id = als.RootWebId

  4. Locate the entry that does not have a product version of 15.  It will most likely look like this:

    PlatformVersion    Title             FullUrl                         Team Site         sites/Office_Viewing_Service_Cache

Step#1: Deactivate (Delete) the offending SharePoint 2010 site

  1. Note the GUID associated with the site you identified in Step#1 above
    (This will be the id column)
  1. Run the following query using SSMS connected to the content database:

    UPDATE dbo.AllSites
    SET Deleted = 1
    WHERE id = ‘[GUID]’


One thought on “LegacySiteDetected during upgrade to SharePoint 2016

  1. Jay

    also if you don’t want it deleted and keep it 😉 a quick sql hack (not recommended) is available.

    update the PlatformVersion to
    and productversion to 15 on the corresponding tables.

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