Avast! Small Office Administration / End Point Protection Suite and real-time alerts and notifications

The Avast! Small Office Administration console provides a rich set of reporting options which can be generated automagically at designated time and days.  This is a nice tool for reviewing your network infrastructure… but what if you want to know about infections *right now*?


Fear not!  immediate notifications and alerts are supported.  The configuration, however, is somewhat hidden.

Setting up real-time alerts

  1. Open Avast! Small Office Administration console via your favorite web browser
  2. Open Network in Group View
  3. Select the group you want to activate real-time notifications and alerts on
  4. Click Edit Group Settings
  5. Click Expert Settings at the bottom of the available options list (left side of the Edit dialog)
  6. Click the I’ll take the risk, show the expert settings button
  7. Find and modify the following settings:

Property Path Value
avastcfg://avast5/Common/NetAlert E-Mail address to receive the alerts
avastcfg://avast5/Communications/SMTPAuth set to 1 if your SMTP server requires authentication
avastcfg://avast5/Communications/SMTPFrom The From: e-mail address.
Something like “donotreply@yourdomain”
avastcfg://avast5/Communications/SMTPPort Usually 25, but configure as needed
avastcfg://avast5/Communications/SMTPServer The UNC or IP of your SMTP server
avastcfg://avast5/Communications/SMTPUserName Username. Must set SMTPAuth to 1
avastcfg://avast5/Communications/SMTPPassword Password. Must set SMTPAuth to 1

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